Space Warrior for Under 25 Summit @ Campus (Remote)

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We're selecting just one Space Warrior on each campus. Got it in you? Read On!

Under 25 Summit, India's largest youth festival (Here's a link to the aftermovie). We're hoping to bring this beautiful experience into your colleges and having the stars of your campus make it come alive. Yes! We're talking about you, you star.

The Under 25 Campus Summit is a festival of good vibes that helps youngsters to learn, get inspired, meet their favourite artists, seek job opportunities, enjoy performances, learn skills and meet more ambitious people.

We have so much potential as youngsters and this potential can only be realised through festivals like the Under 25 Summit and we need YOU to make that happen. Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and be chosen for it), is to be the license holder, the bearer of knowledge, the one and only, Space Warrior for the Under 25 Summit @ Campus (Yep, you guys are space warriors, because what you're hustling for is out of this world).

So we'll cut the bullshit and go straight to what you'd be required to do:

- Representing and becoming a part of the Under 25 Fam

- Building a team within your campus

- Building the Under 25 Summit in your campus, by understanding the core needs of the students.

- Creating a bridge between your campus and Under 25

- All event related activities and the execution of it

Be the most powerful voice on your campus (and also the rockstar who puts together unforgettables experiences for his/her peers). 

We feel like you've gotten it in you (I mean the fact that you're here means something). Go ahead and apply!

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